Mushroom Photography VA WV

Fall season in Monterey, VA brought all kinds of beautiful mushrooms and flowers, not to mention all the Macro Photography we could handle.  We stayed at our favorite place, the Wilson House in Monterey, VA located in beautiful Highland County, VA. This was the year of the mushroom for sure. We have never seen so many and so many different types. We would hike in certain spots to try to find them, which usually was a spot near water or a very damp place with lots of damp wood. You never know what each year brings as you venture out to photograph, but with all the rain and damp conditions it was perfect for growing wild mushrooms in the forests and woods. We also managed a few flowers here and there along the way too

As we went along trying to find Macro shots of of mushrooms or flowers we managed these photos also. We always swing by and get a few train shots while out scouting around the woods.