Macro Photography Highland County VA

Spring season in Monterey, VA brought all kinds of beautiful flowers and  insects, not to mention all the Macro Photography we could handle.  We stayed at our favorite place, the Wilson House in Monterey, VA located in beautiful Highland County, VA. The amount of Iris flowers was phenomenal this year because we ended up going later in May. There was so much activity with the bugs your head was moving like a Ferris wheel. Everywhere you looked there was some type of bug on a flower and the Macro Photography was in overload. You couldn't click that camera button fast enough. We had so many photos this year it was comical. We found a old farm-house in Bolar VA that was for sale and the flowers at the house were just gorgeous. We can't believe someone just let this property all go. It was still beautiful. No matter what road you drove down someone had Irises planted. Some were just wild growing by the road.

We spent more time doing Macro Photography than ever because of all the insects. We got a shot of a flower and didn't even notice there was an Apple Aphid in the Iris till we got back and looked at the photos. There is a whole another world below your feet that you are so unaware of until you grab your camera and bend down and search out the details of it all. Enjoy the photos. We can't wait to get back again to Highland County Virginia.