Heavenly Hills Highland County VA

The Heavenly Hills Highland County Virginia. There is a place that is a pure piece of heaven on earth that this family longs for in the Virginia mountains...it is Monterey Virginia. This quiet town with farm after farm, rolling hills speckled with sheep, cattle, and a vast array of birds darting about, and countryside as far as the eye can see truly brings to peace to my soul.

Virtually no traffic in Highland County VA and limited technology access also adds to the allure (no cell phone coverage at our favorite spot, The Wilson House) along with the porch swing, fire pit, two options for your outdoor dining pleasure, and the extensive supply of cooking equipment - spices, marshmallow roasting forks, pans, and crock pots...not to mention the welcoming committee Riley the Beagle the dog.

On our latest trip to the Wilson House in Highland County VA, we thoroughly enjoyed our friend Riley who visited several times a day for a snack and camped out on our laps as long as we would let her. We received a visit from another local resident, Allen, a rather porky ground hog who lived under a couple of the out buildings in the back yard. One night we heard in the distance some coyotes that my absurd husband seemed to enjoy making pitiful turkey calls trying to lure him closer. He was successful in drawing them closer, about a hundred yards away. We did, however, see some on one of our of scenic drives. Apparently, a few coyotes were causing trouble with a farmer's livestock, and they posted a message, three dead friends, for other coyotes who were thinking of coming for a bite to eat.

Visitors from previous trips in Highland County VA were wild turkeys landing just outside the yard, young deer inching up under the cover of night for nibble from the yard pear trees, a skunk while we chatting around the bonfire, and a rather large carousing chorus of cows with insomnia that lasted for days which was absolutely hilarious. And of course, no trip would be complete without Troy and Steven taking a trip to Ramsey Creek to snag some wild trout, an occasional snake, and deer jumping fences.

In addition to having our own personal bird show just off the front porch, we found ourselves quite captivated with the birds in the pasture closer to the front gate near the main road. There was a flurry of activity of Barn Swallows, Red-winged Black Birds and Bobolinks swooping in and out of the barn and then going sky high like a roller coaster ride. During the dusk of the evening, we often strolled down there trying to photograph these kamikaze birds in action, breathing in the gentle breeze and the striking cloud formations as the sun set upon the majestic mountainside in Highland County VA.

After returning from a day trip, we were pleasantly surprised to find a herd of beef cattle had been dropped off on the property close to the Wilson House in Highland County VA. They were very curious about us but flighty. If one cow made the slightest move while you around, they all took off in stampede fashion. We came up with a scheme to get the cows to come up to us. We ignored them while walking along in the pasture, then stopped, turned our back to the herd, and stood like statues for a few minutes. It worked. The whole group gathered around us (see group picture below), inching closer and closer, until one rebel got up enough nerve to sniff my husbands butt, then he proceeded to lick it. Of course we burst into laughter and the stampede ensued immediately thereafter.  I didn't get to pet them as I hoped, but hubby has now been butt licked by a cow. Not every man can say that, and then again he may not want to......Ahhhh... unforgettable family vacation memories...