Roan Mountain-Carvers Gap

Kung-Fu Song

Roan Mountain, Tennessee--We decided to take off to the mountains for a little family adventure of fun and hiking and photography. We didn't want to go to far so I thought of a place within 2 hours where we haven't been in a long time. I decided Roan Mountain was as good a place as any, spectacular views, plenty of hiking, plenty of photographic opportunities to be had with such a great landscape as Roan Mountain has. So we packed up all our gear and headed out for a day of fun and adventure at Carvers Gap in Roan Mountain.
Kim, Steven and I arrived at Carvers Gap to find we almost had the whole place to ourselves. There wasn't but a few cars in the parking lot, but it was still early yet. We geared up with food, clothing, cameras, and started trekking up the hill. Camera in hand and full of hope of some good shots today. I thought I might try my hand at shooting some family photos. I haven't got as many personal pictures of us so I figured it was about time to do some people shots, instead of all landscape with no people in it. The grass on the hills was incredible to see blowing in the wind. There was so much of it you felt like you were in a Kansas wheat field. So we hiked around looking for some good vantage points to shoot the camera and get some good shots. The sun was starting to come up strong and really started to make some interesting photos. We found some good places and I started to shoot.

After finding several spots we decided to stop for lunch. It was nice on top of the bald with the wind blowing the grass and the silence of nothing but God's creation, was music to our ears. We got done eating and hiked some more up the mountain. After about 2 hours we decided to back down to where we were earlier and see if there was some other spots we could shoot at. I found a rock and had Steven climb up on it and jump off. I decided since I made him wear that bright orange shirt, it was time to put it to use against the blue sky. So I tried to see if I could shoot him and catch the right pose jumping off the rock. After about 10 tries I decided to put the camera on AiServo AF mode and high-speed continuous mode, that way I could get 10 shots of him while jumping. Worked out perfect on the first try. It took him 10 times to get the prefect pose. I told him to give all he's got when he jumped and give me a Kung Fu kick...well he did it perfectly and I got the perfect shot of the day. Hats off to the Hash Slinging Slasher. We wrapped up all our gear and started the hike back to the car. By now everyone's belly was starting to get hungry so we decided it was time to head back and get some grub. We all had a blast and a great day in God's great creation.