New River Farm Critters

Ever since I met my husband it has been one adventure to another. He brings excitement to my life that I never encountered before with his adventurous spirit. His favorite place to take us exploring is nature away from the hustle and bustle of life and often where many people don't go. Early on we began to notice, everywhere we went we saw creatures great and small. Over the years we have seen so many..some rare like black squirrels, owls in the middle of the day, and bald eagles and some not so rare like deer, turkeys, and bears. We have great memories of the odd things as well. There was a the full grown doe that followed us like a puppy as we walked along the river, the horses we petted on the side the road that were so spooked by their own farts that they ran off like they couldn't face the embarrassment to name a few.

We would have missed most of them if hadn't been for Hubby's keen eye pointing them out to us. Troy has taken great photos over the years. One of our favorite places to film wildlife is the cabin in Crumpler, NC. This collection is some of the critters we have photographed there.

Here are some snapshots of the neighbors. Allan the groundhog who is quite a curious Joe pops up all over the property. Then there is baby fox siblings that only visited while the boys were away fishing. I saw them in the yard coming back from a walk and mistakenly took them kittens. Despite the fact I started calling, "Here Kitty, Kitty," I got some pretty good pics. Birds zoom around the field all day long as we watch from the front porch. We had a baby deer stroll in our front yard before our very eyes.

And who could miss these beautiful bugs....not Troy.  We are taking a walk, and he sees a grasshopper peering down on us from his leaf perch...and captures the shot too, so we all can marvel at the fantastic detail that God fashioned these tiny critters.