New River Country Classic Vacation

This weekend was approaching and it was Mother's Day, so I decided to take Kim out to a nice country place that was peaceful and quiet away from the hassles of city life. So I started looking around the Internet for a place to stay. The first place didn't pan out, so I searched for about 1 hour before I found a place on the New River. What a place it turned out to be too. It was an old farm house with 180 acres of land right next to the new river. If I was looking for a better place I surely doubt I would find one. I looked on Google Maps at the address 2460 Willie Brown Road Crumpler, NC 28617 and saw just what we were looking for. This was exactly what Kim would love.

I booked the vacation rental on the New River (called Country Classic) and headed to the store to grab some steaks and ribs and other essentials for the trip. Kim packed up all our stuff the night before and we headed out Friday afternoon. We drove about 2.5 hours and were at the farm house. It was better than the pictures. They had a huge white barn right next to the house that I didn't see in the pictures of the property. The field of grass blocked the road so you had nothing but a great big field to look at with birds everywhere and the sound of the river. We unpacked, we took off our watch's and shut off our phones and started on a relaxing weekend


The first night we ate steaks and greek salad, played games on the front porch, relaxed and watched the birds. We roasted marshmallows on the hot coals. We looked at the stars for about an hour. The longer you stared the more you saw. We could see the milkyway right over our heads. It was kind of chili so we headed inside and called it a night at 11pm.

Kim and I, got up the next morning after sleeping in till 9am and took a long walk till about 11am and headed back to make some breakfast and wake Steven out of bed. We had eggs and toast and home made sausage. Son it was good! About 12PM Steven and I headed off to the river to try to catch a few small-mouth bass. We hit the small stream around the Island and caught several small mouth bass and a some rock bass (Red Eyes) It was slow fishing because the water was still up a bit on the high side, but we did pretty good in the few hours we fished. We went back in time for dinner and I cooked up some beef ribs on the grill. After getting out fill of ribs and salad, we played some games out on the porch till dark. It was kind of cloudy so we couldn't see the stars, but there were thousands of lighting bugs everywhere. It looked like a fireworks show there were so many of them. They were all in the woods and the fields, some way up high some down low, but everywhere. So we got to see another light show, just not stars. It was pretty incredible. After doing that for awhile Steven wanted to play German spot light, so I thumped him on the head and said your it and took off running in the pitch black. He chased for a few seconds and then I out ran him. When he want to go back where we were all standing Kim had taken off too. So he starts calling out to us and we wouldn't answer. Finally he pulled out his phone and it had a light on it for pictures and he started hunting us. He found Kim, but couldn't find me. So he got Kim to help him. I kept moving around so they couldn't find me. Finally they approached the corner of the building I was hiding behind and Kim had the light in her hand, I waited till she was 1 foot from the corner and jumped out. I thought she was going to have a heart attack I scared her so bad. Steven fell over and rolled down the hill I scared him so bad. Each of us took a turn till we got tired and headed inside to call it a night.

We woke up the next morning and had another great breakfast. We got done and started cleaning up the farm house; we had to be out by 11am. We cleaned it all up by 9am and sat around for awhile then took another long walk down the road. As we got back it was starting a light drizzle of rain. We decided to leave and head back to our house, but side tour around for the day along the Blueridge Parkway. We headed over to the Brinegar Cabin and looked around. They had the BRPW closed off just past the cabin so we had to turn around and come back the way we came. It was very foggy up on the BRPW, which was very interesting for photos. After ridding around a little bit longer it started to really rain so we decided to head back home and call it a weekend. We had a great time on this Mother's Day weekend. We will be back to our little vacation rental on the New River in the very near future.