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What's Kookin with Kim


When Troy and I met, I couldn't cook a thing, and frankly I wasn't that concerned about it.  On one of our first dates, Troy said with all seriousness and with great expectations in his eyes, "What are you going to feed me?"  I was a little taken a back, but I whipped up one of my favorites...broccoli and cheese flavored rice from a bag.  By the second time I served this to him, I got the sneaking suspicion that my cooking skills and menu choices weren't quite what he expected.

So, I got the hint and started to learn to cook.  After trying to wing it without success (mac n cheese with the consistency of glue), a coworker introduced me to Taste of Home magazine, and I fed Troy winning recipe after winning recipe.  Later, I found Simple & Delicious magazine by the same good_wifepublisher. 

I decided I didn't need to learn the art of gourmet cooking from beginning to end, but I could start with getting a good collection of recipes that my family liked that I could cook well. Over the years I have decided there are enough simple recipes with wonderful home cooking goodness.  So, simple cooking with lots of variety became my cooking style.  If I can do it with zero cooking knowledge, you can too.

I work full time and find it worth the trouble to cook every night.  Nothing seems to make my hubby smile or makes the world aright on a bad day like a good home cooked meal.  On this page you will find general updates on what's up with me, musings of my journey as a cook, homemaker, mom, wife, believer and who knows what else.  You'll have to check back to find out.

Don't forget to check out the recipe page. Troy built a section for Recipes with links and helps section to help keep all my recipes in one place. When you visit it, you will find some fabulous recipes and other goodies.

Baker News

ourstatecoverTroy was published in a major state magazine called "Our State." He wrote an article about fly fishing in Western North Carolina. A publisher at the magazine called Troy after seeing his fly fishing web site. Read the article.