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Baker Troop

Talent Show


Steven and have been taking guitar lessons this year. So when the school talent show came around this year, he wanted to sign up and play guitar. So now he has officially performed in his first ever talent show. I helped him decide on a song from Bob Dylan called "Knock Knock Knocking on Heaven's Door." He practiced the song in about 3 days of really hard practice. He was doing good at home with me, but I wondered how well he would do on stage in front of hundreds of people. I have to say he did pretty good job for learning a new song with 3 days practice.

We went over everything bad that could happen during his song and practiced how to cover a mistake and other issues such as dropping his pick which he is prone to do. So to overcome that, we taped some picks on his guitar strap with double sided tape and practiced throwing the pick down and picking up a new pick off the guitar strap. He was having trouble with some of the chord transitions, so we decided to use 3 chords instead of 4 used in the song. He mastered that. So hats off to the new Bob Dylan.....get em kid.

Steven told us his girlfriend was going to be in the school talent show also, and she would be doing a dance routine. She did great! These kids did awesome to get up there on stage and perform. All the other kids which included all the 6th, 7th and 8th graders were there, along with a ton of parents because they were doing an awards program too. So it was a full house of over 200 people. Nice job done by all of them.

We were glad that Kim and I were able to attend that day. They did awards for all the kids. Steven got A/B honor roll and Science Achievement Certificate for fastest time for the Balloon Powered Race Car. 

They did something special that was very moving for all the eighth graders.  All teachers picked out an attribute for each eighth grade student, put it on a certificate along with a Bible verse. Steven was joyful. Then all the adults gathered around the kids and had a time of prayer. It was truly sweet. God is good.

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