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NASCAR Racing School


Steven and I got invited by our kids pastors from our church to go on a little outing with the kids that are in our churches summer program. These 2 Pastors are brothers and do all our Church services for the Kids. Andrew does the Sundays at the main campus and Wes does our Child Care facilities. Andrew & Wes Byrd were so kind to invite us on a free NASCAR Racing school this Friday. Being as I love speed, what could be better than driving a real NASCAR Stock Car. I figured we would have a driver in the car with us while we drove around the track. They did not do that. They put you in a car all by yourself and controlled everything from a spotter just like in real racing. You had to be old enough to drive so Steven couldn't drive a car. We decided since they offer rides with a professional for $99,he could do that. So we paid and got him set up with a helmet and they put him in a car and off he went.

The Professionals got to rule the track and fly wide open at 180mph. So once Steven got buckled in, off they went and the guy tore down pit road. He got to go in the Kurt Busch Pennzoil car which you will see in the video is the yellow car. The guy driving the car was flying around the track just like the real drivers do. I was blown away how fast they let these guys drive you. I told Steven when he got into the car tell the driver, "My dad says if you don't make me soil my pants you ain't a real driver".....I think he chickened out on that, but man did he fly around that track. When the ride was over Steven got out and was still dizzy from the ride....The guy who was putting on his helmet asked him if he had ever been on a roller coaster ride, Steven said, "Yes" and the guy said, "this is just like a roller coaster ride". When Steven got back out of the car he said to me, "That ain't like no roller coaster ride" I guess going 180mph is a bit faster than a roller coaster

So my turn was coming up, but I was going to actually drive the car not just sit and ride. I got to drive the Kyle Busch M&M'S car. We had to take a 40 minute class before we could drive the cars. During that class they said our cars would go 150+mph. I gotta say these cars fly when you are on that track. I took every turn at the same speed I was doing in the straight aways and it handled flawlessly. My top speed was 140mph. I got it up to 4700 RPM, hard to believe 4700RPM makes you go 140mph in these cars, but it does. Once your in the car they communicate to you with a spotter through your headset. You have to push a button on the steering wheel to talk just like walkie-talkies. They communicate what to do when cars are passing you or if you can speed up and go faster if they think you can handle it. They have a rev-limiter on these that tops out a 5000rpm so they can hear if your pushing the car too hard. They want safety in these cars so you have to do what they say or your get thrown off the track and they can cut your engine off remotely in case something happens or your doing some thing unsafe. The class they put you through tells about all the safety features of the equipment and the car and what they want you to do on the track. One of the reasons you need a spotter is because you can't see anything around you. I was kinda of shocked how tight these guys are in there. The only place you see is straight ahead and just a little bit of the road due to the roof being low and the windshield being so sloped and the dash being up high, plus all the roll bars in your way. You have no idea what is going on around you and the spotter really is the eyes of everything going on around these guys. Nothing like driving a normal car by any stretch.

Steven and I had a blast doing this thanks to my 2 friends Andrew and Wes. I will never forget that experience, we might be going back now....Steven & I are both wanting more of it.........

If you interested in driving one of these cars check out their website NASCAR Racing Experience

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