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Gardening Start


Well I hatched a plan last year that we were going to grow a garden. So, at Christmas time, I bought Kim a bunch of gardening books. Mostly they were all about vegetable gardening. So, since I got her the books, she has been reading, and so have I. Most of what I have been reading has come from the internet. The first thing I wanted was a program for the computer to help us track everything. Since I had an idea of what we wanted and about how big it was, I went on a quest to find a program that would help us with growing seasons, planting season, and what plant work well next to each other and crop rotation. I couldn't find one program that did all this that I could download on to the computer. I did notice one particular program kept surfacing every time I searched the internet though. So, I finally decided even though I couldn't download it, I would would go ahead and pay the yearly charge for the service. So far, we have been more than happy with the program. It is called, and it has been a great program so far.

So, I had a few ideas of everything I needed or wanted to do. One thing I didn't want to pay for was city water if I didn't have to. So, I researched rain barrels for watering the garden. The next thing I wanted was a raised bed garden to help keep weeds out. So many choices, and I needed to know the best systems that were cost effective. So to the internet I went. I gathered all my information and put it all down on always looks good on paper. We will soon find out how it actually all works

Gardening Layout and starting
Gardening Layout and starting

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