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Christmas 2010

Header christmas 2010

We enjoyed a quiet family Christmas and New Year's at home this year.  When we weren't braving the crowds Christmas shopping or decorating the house, we snuggled up in our warm house watching movies and baking, baking, and more baking...

I am not sure what got a hold of me this year, but I was in baking mode for practically the whole month of December.  We baked Coconut balls, Peanutbutter Balls, Pecan Turtles, Sugar Cookies, and Holiday Pretzel Treats, multiple times.  They were so good, but the favorite seemed to be the Holiday Pretzel Treats.  The salty sweet combination was absolutely addicting.

We made several variations of the Holiday Pretzel Treats -- with white chocolate Hugs, Carmel filled Kisses, plain chocolate Kisses either topped with plain M&Ms or Peanut M&Ms.  The white chocolate version with Peanut M&Ms was the our favorite.  The Carmel was good but way too messy.  Check out the recipes on my Recipe page.  We couldn't keep a supply on hand long enough to box them up to share with friends!

I guess it was all that hanging around the house.  We needed good munchies to watch all those movies. Steven saw It's a Wonderful Life for the first time and a few other Christmas classics.  We watched a Groucho Marx marathon on New Years Eve and a Three Stooges marathon the next day.  Turns out that Steven has a great appreciation for old movies in addition to his known addition to slap stick comedy.  He absolutely loved them.

Baker News

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