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Birthday Fun 45


I had a great birthday this year. Very low key, just how I like them. I was bugging Kim that morning how I didn't want anything elaborate. Just a half sheet cake with some simple words on it like, "Here stands a man at 45 blowing out his cake. Hope he doesn't pass out for goodness sake". Come to think of it I might need a whole sheet cake and more words. Maybe something about my greatness and what a wonderful guy I am, you know nothing elaborate or anything... just a few hundred words describing me and my awesomeness.

So, with all my making fun of how I wanted it low key but hinting at maybe a full size sheet cake, nothing big. Maybe a few hundred friends over and a cook know keep it small. I told her make sure the cake was big enough to put all my great abilities on it and list every one in alphabetical order. I teased here for a few minutes with that. She knows I like my birthdays low key with a little bit of dessert and some family time.

This put an idea in her head to do something special. So she stopped by the store and grabbed my favorite cake, A Boston Cream Pie. She didn't get any candles for me to blow out, but Steven wanted candles or it just wasn't a birthday. So being the inventive boy he is, he decided we could take a wooden match, light it and stick it in the cake upside down. So Steven proceeded to do that as they sang happy birthday and no sooner were they done poem_0002_thumbsinging when Kim blew my matchstick candle out  abruptly. She then quickly pulled out the match and started dealing out plates as if it were nothing. I however was still standing there with my mouth open in disbelief that she blew MY BIRTHDAY candle out. Steven was on the ground laughing. I think Kim had cake on the brain and the sooner it got in her belly the happier she was gonna be. Classic! We all laughed for awhile on that one. She then proceeded to tell me they had a special gift for me. So she pulls out a piece of paper and reads it to me. She said she wrote this as she was driving home and scribbled it in between stop signs and traffic lights. She proceeded to read it, and I wasn't past hearing the first line of the Ode to Troy poem she wrote when I said, "Did you just call me your HONKY husband?" She laughed and replied "No not HONKY husband, HUNKY husband". Needless to say, I had to have fun with that for a few minutes. To my HONKY husband FIGHT THE POWER was my new saying. She finished reading the rest of the poem, and it was classic. This is just what I wanted. We had a blast and laughed all night about the poem and my candle she blew out. You can't buy a gift like that.....classic! Perfect birthday.

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